2016 Annual Conference
May 10–13, 2016
Ft. Worth, TX

Conference by
JT&A, inc.


Field Trips  

Tiger Creek Conservation Bank



Tuesday, May 5, 1–5:30 p.m.
Buses depart Rosen Centre Hotel entrance at 1 p.m. (90 minute drive)

Activity Level & Dress: Difficult. Participants should wear boots or shoes that support the ankle as it will be a walking tour in sand and uneven terrain in warm weather. An estimated 90 minute tour; drive time to site is approximately 90 minutes.

Tiger Creek Conservation Bank consists of 276 acres on a 400+ acre property in Lake Wales, Florida, along an elevated ridge that extends through the center of the state. The Lake Wales Ridge is characterized by scrub vegetation and sandy, well-drained soils that host wildlife and plant species found nowhere else in the world. The owner of the property, Vulcan Materials, generates revenue from the property by selling sand skink credits to mitigate offsite impacts to skink habitats. Several properties along the Ridge are cited on local, state, and federal land acquisition lists due to their rarity and species diversity. Environmental constraints include presence of the federally Threatened Sand Skink and Bluetail Mole Skink, the state-listed gopher tortoise and Sherman’s fox squirrel, and the federally protected bald eagle. Permitted in 2012, the Bank was authorized 230 credits and released 116.7 to date. Participants will walk the sand trails and learn about the banking process and restoration that has taken place thus far, as well as layering with other conservation opportunities. You’ll see recently burned and unburned areas, and from the site, will get a good visual comparison of Tiger Creek Conservation Bank and the neighboring Nature Conservancy’s Tiger Creek Preserve—to see what the bank is planned to look like.


Peace River Mitigation Bank

Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank

TM/Econ Mitigation Bank Phase IV

EARLY BIRD: $50 (before January 25, 2015)
ADVANCED SAVINGS: $55 (before March 15, 2015)
LATE/ONSITE: $75 (after March 15, 2015; if space available)


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