2016 Annual Conference
May 10–13, 2016
Ft. Worth, TX

Conference by
JT&A, inc.


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) & CLEs Offered

Continuing Legal Credit (CLE) Credit Applications to specific states are submitted when we receive requests from registered attendees through the online registration process. CLE credits by states can range from 7 to 20+ credit hours depending on the program and workshops attended. Click here for a list of states providing CLE credit in the past few years. Any questions, please contact Carlene Bahler at

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) a Certificate of Completion — can be provided to each participant and are requested by the attendee during the online registration process.

Wednesday – Friday Conference Sessions = 13 CEUs
Plenary Sessions (1 CEU each for a total of 4 CEUs)
6 of 14 Concurrent Sessions (9 CEUs)
Optional Add-ons – up to 7 additional CEU credits available
Tuesday, May 10 – 101: Basics of Banking, a Primer Workshop (4 CEUs)
Tuesday, May 10 – RIBITS Workshop (2 CEUs)
Tuesday, May 10 – Game Change, Mitigation Analyst 3.0 (1.5 CEUs)
Tuesday, May 10 – 102: Advanced Stream Banking Workshop (2 CEUs)
Tuesday, May 10 – 102: Advanced Conservation Banking Workshop (2 CEUs)
Tuesday, May 10 – Business of Banking for the Regulator (1 CEU)
FIELD TRIPS (Tues or Fri) - 3 CEUs

Should you not be able to attend, we do provide CEU credit for some of the online program, and there may be a few states who provide CLE credit for certain portions. CLE credit for online the online program is much more restrictive. You may request online access credit following the purchase of the online program and completion of the program to

This will be the 19th Annual Conference for the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference®. JT&A is the conference host. For more on the facilitators and instructors, please see the Agenda.